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Partitions are the Most Important Safety Feature in Your Work Van

Keep yourself and your employees safe from the cargo in the back of the van with expertly installed custom partitions.

Work Van Partitions


Partitions are the most important safety product for your vehicle, responsible for keeping you safe from the heavy and potentially hazardous cargo in the back. For something so critical to your safety, don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Messer Work Van Solutions has you covered.

As an Adrian Steel distributor, we offer custom cargo management solutions that are incredibly durable and proven to last. All you have to do is tell us your unique story, and we’ll work with you step by step to create a partitioned vehicle organization system that boosts productivity and efficiency, while insuring you and your employees are protected.

Custom Partitions Made for Productivity and Safety

At Messer Work Van Solutions, we bring experience to each cargo management project. We won’t recommend any kind of vehicle organization solution until we’ve taken the time to understand your business—including the vehicle you drive, the tools you use, and the daily challenges you experience.

Only then will we recommend the ideal partitions for you!

The goal of our proven, five-step process is to find the right vehicle upfit for your individual needs, from custom partitions and shelving to modules and ladder racks. We’ll be by your side from concept to completion to help make your job easier, no matter which trade you’re in.

Like all of our Adrian Steel products, our partitions are:


  • Proven for Quality, Dependability, and Longevity

  • Custom-Designed for Your Specific Vehicle and Workflow

  • Designed in Consultation with Tradespeople Just Like You

  • Installed and Delivered in Just Five Days or Less

  • Validated on Real-World Jobs to Guarantee the Results You Expect


Learn More About Partitions and Other Upfit Solutions

From locksmiths to bulk delivery to auto glass repair, professionals of all trades count on Messer Work Van Solutions for the highest quality cargo management products. Make your vehicles work better for you by starting your own Messer Work Van Solutions story today! Just give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more about our custom partitions and get started with your free upfit consultation.

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